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Ludo Sconce

Ludo Wall Sconce


Base Price: $795.00 Top Socket: $15 per sconce - Plug Wiring: $15 per sconce

Substitute Enamel in place of Metal: $20 per sconce

Total dimensions as shown are 11" H x 6" W x 11" D. The cone is 6" diameter at the bottom and 3.5" diameter at the top. The back plate is 5" in diameter.

Enamel colors are based off of the RAL color book and allow for many more options that may not be listed here! Below are the standard color options.

Blueprint Lighting Color Chart 2019 (1).png

Custom options allow you to truly make each one your own! Want to paint the metal? Sure! Want the cones to be metal? Sure!

Please contact us for ordering information since each piece is custom and we want to make sure they are being ordered correctly!

Email inquirys to or call us at 214.823.1000

We cant wait to see what you choose to tell your story!