April Featured Artist

Robin Ewing

Born and raised in Andalusa, Alabama, Robin has been through a spectrum of journeys to find her true passion. As a mother of 3, her time is maxed out but still finds her passion through exploring color.

“I have always been fascinated with color. All colors; muted colors, bright colors, dull colors, ugly colors, and all in between. I have always wondered, and thought (for more hours than I will admit), how everyone sees them individually and what that means about their reaction to that color.”

“My husband has always said that I am either one million percent in love with something or I cannot stand it at all. This is how I am with my paintings. I work with them, like a puzzle, until that moment when I so intensely love them, that I cannot change anything. I have always wanted people to have a strong reaction to my work, whatever that reaction may be.”

Her figure drawings are just a stunning example of some realism in a different way and her abstracts are a fantastic way to get an emotional attachment to color. With her breadth of styles, there is sure to be a piece that speaks to any one.

Available Pieces

Collaboration with Erin West Ceramics

Expanding our offering to high design ceramics by Erin West.

A local potter who designs with functionality and style in mind.


An exclusive candle collaboration and ink blot spike bowls only available here at Maestri!

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The New Kids on the Block

What started as an Architecture and Interior Design Studio with the development of Maestri Studio in 2008, has transformed into an opportunity to share what captivates Maestri and his team most – the love of modern design, art, and all things unique— in an innovative Gallery setting.