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Ryan Bricker


Ryan E Bricker has a diverse design related career principally founded upon a near 20 year career in Urban Design and Landscape Architecture.  Mr. Bricker is an award winning urban designer and serves as the design director for urban design and landscape architecture in HNTB’s Dallas office.  Mr. Bricker has a diverse background in developing site designs, master planning solutions and intricate transportation-related designs integral to the development of the urban fabric and growing communities.

Complimenting Bricker’s urban design scale practice is a fundamental craft in object-oriented design that spans the realm of furniture design, small scale site related art installations and retail product design.

Mr. Bricker’s visual art reflects an obvious influence of introduced geometry into natural realms.  These geometries seek to ground, balance and focus his compositions.  Using a variety of mediums that work in shallow three dimensional expressions while exploring a variety of finishes, Bricker’s work create simple, layered patterning often tethered to an orthogonal expression.

“My work was originally for my own personal use, until friends started asking to buy pieces which led to a steady flow of commissioned work.  I did have one showing at the Open Space gallery and sold my “sweet are your words” piece immediately.”

Available Works

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Royal Blue

Royal Blue

36” x 48”

Acrylic on Canvas